The Annual Health Innovations Conference, now in its third year, was born of a need to create collaborations and partnerships around health. Hosted by The Ugandan Academy for Health Innovation, a hub which sits within the Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI), the conference seeks to harness new, emerging and all capable technologies to improve the quality and access to healthcare in Uganda and the region at large.

IDI has a mission to strengthen health systems in Africa, with a strong emphasis on infectious diseases, through research, policy and capacity development. Over the years, basing on huge amounts of health data collected from the
population it serves, the institute has evolved to cater to non-communicable diseases, neglected tropical diseases, refugee health and emerging diseases. The overarching approach to this ever changing disease burden in Africa is to leverage established capacity and platforms to enhance programming. The Ugandan Academy is the major vehicle at IDI driving collaborations in app development, Artificial Intelligence, health, block chain and drone technology.

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